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About Hakosuka Technology Limited

Why Choose Us?

We are a fully insured, VAT registered, UK limited company.

Our Guarantee

We think that you'll love the transformation that our remaps provide and as such, our standard remaps come with a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on our software - if a defect is discovered we'll put it right.

If you aren't completely satisfied with the result of your remap, bring your car to us within the 30 day period and we'll return the software to its original settings and refund your money to the payment method you originally paid with.

Genuine master tools, and a panel of reputable tuning houses

We only use genuine master tools from reputable manufacturers and distributors, this ensures complete equipment reliability, enables us to create and tweak maps in house and also gives us the flexibility to source map data under contract from our panel of some of the most respected tuning houses in the country if we haven't yet developed an in-house map for your vehicle.

The majority of our competitors are using slave tools that are locked to a specific tuning house - Having master tools ensures that we can find the tune that best fits your performance, fuel economy and budget requirements.

All of our tune files are either produced in house, or under contract by one of our panel of partner companies.

Be wary of cheap imitations

Cheap clone tools and their operators are damaging both to our industry and to customers vehicles, at a purchase price of around 5% of what a genuine tool costs, this should give an indication of the relative quality of the components in these clone tools.

Individuals choosing to go down this road are also forced to use outdated, pirated and unsupported software to perform the most sensitive ECU tasks.

Couple that with potentially damaging tune files bought from anonymous sellers on eBay or shady websites with epic performance claims, tunes produced by outdated and/or cracked software or made following videos on youtube or a 'magic' spreadsheet with fixed percentage value increases for key engine parameters and all this at prices that cannot possibly take into account the required R&D to produce a stable and reliable tune.

We frequently hear horror stories about bricked ECUs and failed engines as a result of these poor practices - would you leave your vehicle in the hands of somebody prepared to take those risks?

WinOLS Licence certificate

A small team, with personal service

We are a very small and close knit team supported by a wider network of remappers and dealers, meaning that you'll be on first name terms each time you speak with us.

We are a UK registered limited company, with registration number 13439379.

We are VAT registered, with registration number 382252109.