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ECU Remapping in Essex

Mobile vehicle performance tuning services for power or economy.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All of our standard remaps come with a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

Genuine Tools and Industry Support

We only use genuine master tools and genuine map editing software from major players in the tuning industry and have a support network from a panel of the leading UK tuning houses.

Vehicle health check

Before installation, a full and detailed health check of your vehicle's engine is performed.

In-house developed and licenced files

We offer both in-house developed remaps, and remaps under licence from a panel of the leading UK & european tuning houses.

Dyno testing

Every remap we install has been through rigorous dyno testing prior to being selected.

We can also arrange pre and post remap dyno testing should you require it*

Open and Transparent

We pride ourselves on openness and transparency, we openly publish our processes, remap data and will have an honest conversation with you about your requirements


To view our selection of Stage 1 remaps for your vehicle, please select a manufacturer or enter your registration number.

Additional options are available for common modifications, please contact us with your requirements for further details.

If your vehicle is heavily modified and requires dyno time and a bespoke map, we are also able to offer a bespoke tuning service on a limited basis.